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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your company provide a training video for the Police Hobbles?

A: Currently we have a step-by-step video for the  MAX hobble on our YouTube Channel.  This video was once only available after purchase.  It is now available for viewing on the YouTube channel.


Q: How is your Police Hobble Strap better than others on the market?  

A: The Police Hobble “Strap” is unique from other hobbles currently on the market.  Our Strap design utilizes an aluminum locking carabiner instead of a “keychain” latch.  This allows the officer to attach the carabiner to hinged or chained handcuffs. The locking carabiner prevents the restrained subject from removing the hobble from what it is latched to.  It is near impossible for the handcuffed subject to manipulate the locking wheel of the carabiner when tightened at finger strength.

Also, the Police Hobble “Strap” comes with a 1 1/2 inch steel ring which is attached to the looped end.  This allows to Strap to be utilized in the maximum restraint position by looping around the handcuffs and back to the ring.

Our Strap comes with a 3-year free repair/replacement guarantee.


Q: What kind of shipping do you use?

A:  Black Dog Tactical uses the United States Postal Service to deliver all packages. Your product is tracked and a tracking number is sent to your email address.


Q: Is it safe to provide my credit card and personal information when buying on your website?

A:  Absolutely.  All purchases are managed by PayPal and are 100% safe and secure. Any personal information provided is not shared with any outside companies. Police Hobbles are made for law enforcement by law enforcement and your privacy is extremely important to us.


Q:  Does your company offer Retail and Bulk pricing?

A:  Yes.  Please contact us via the website or call 1-877-369-9039


Q:  Does your company accept Purchase Orders?

A:  Yes.  Please contact us via the website or call 1-877-369-9039 to set up an account.


Q:  Is it true that your MAX Police Hobble is being used by some Tactical Teams?

A:  Yes.  Some tactical teams have purchased the MAX to use as an inexpensive Tactical Drag Strap.  Even though the MAX was not designed for this, due to its strength and durability, it works very well.


Q: Do you have any information on Excited Delirium?

A:  Please visit the National Institutes of Health website for an article written by medical experts on excited delirium. Also review Price v. County of San Diego for restraint case law.